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Sendmail (email) setup

Email is one of the key transport mechanisms that can make the life of systems administrators less difficult. While message delivery is non deterministic in time, and not 'guaranteed' in the sense of a true messaging system, it can still be configured in a robust way. Messages can be sent to a central system, then parsed, transformed and reused for other purposes. A correctly configured "client" system will cache messages that it can't deliver. Once local access is obtained, the messages will be waiting for the sysadmin to use in debugging, finger pointing and associated activities.

We can configure our the buildhost instance to receive (but not forward) email for the hostonly.private and nat.private domains so that our client vm's can pass appropriate messages upstream as they would in a production environment.

buildhost sendmail setup

For our mailhost, we need the sendmail and sendmail-cf packages installed. Starting from the default /etc/mail/sendmail.mc make sure the following 2 lines are commented out
DAEMON_OPTIONS(`Port=smtp,Addr=, Name=MTA')dnl
define(`SMART_HOST', `smtp.your.provider')dnl
should be deleted or commented out. You also should add all the names of your buildhost to /etc/mail/local-host-names. Regenerate the cf files with "cd /etc/mail; make", then restart sendmail and set it to start by default. We will also need to open port 25 through iptables to allow the clients to connect.

Client setup

For the clients we are going to use the Mail Submission Program to forward email without running sendmail in daemon mode. In /etc/mail/submit.mc replace with the fully qualified name of the buildhost (buildhost.hostonly.private). Make sure you keep the funny punctuation.. In /etc/sysconfig/sendmail change "DAEMON=yes" to "DAEMON=no". Stop sendmail if it is running and set it to stay off. Note that this method does not support use of the alias file. You will have to fully specify all email addresses (user@buildhost.hostonly.private).
NB. We will add these steps to our kickstart process later.

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