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Rossberry.com - home of the mobile Linux lab


Welcome to my little project. There are more details elsewhere but essentially this is the documentation for my mobile lab. I currently work in downtown Houston, TX as a technical project manager, and ride the Metro to and from work. This gives me a solid 60 minutes a day to do Linux work (which is one of my passions).

One of my pet peeves is that most how-to's available on the Internet are either incomplete, or not generic enough. I've found this true in particular for those around Xen, Cobbler and cfengine. Since these 3 technologies are in the 'sweet spot' of where I work, I've made it my project to create a complete set of generic, worked example how-to's to jumpstart the process.

I know this web site is less than attractive. I've put it off for a long time because I have wanted to use (insert some wiki, cms, or other thing here). So I said forget it and just started coding it up with some simple php scripts borrowed from my buddy Russ Herrold. I dumbed down the php alot, just getting it to work the way I want. I'll make it prettier later. For now this code reflects my general philosophy of keeping it simple and getting stuff done. There are lots of great looking how to sites and blogs out there. And most of the ones I've found are lacking content. I'd rather have ugly correctness than attractive half right. I'll invest time on attractiveness later.

Obviously I want you to try these and follow along. Give me feedback on where I have not met my goals of clarity and genericism.

1999 The Central Ohio Linux User Group. // All rights reserved. // Released under the GPL, v. 2. See: LICENSE.TXT // This file: template/footer.php // print "

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